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like meditation, exercise, diet, sleep

Please do not plan on using this stipend for paying down debt, any form of online gaming, or a one-time vacation. While those items may contribute to your well-being, they are not what R2B intends your stipend to be used for.


Below are some recommended programs/practices to consider.

We hope you get inspired!

* Denotes a Bay Area-based organization


An in-person meditation group or retreat

A meditation/mindfulness app

A meditation training/course

From a fellow participant:

"I invested in the Calm app and a yoga mat. I have been doing meditations on the weekends, and have been utilizing their sleep stories on a nightly basis. I am also incorporating sleep stories with my son. Since doing the calm app, I feel so much better. I find myself stopping to breathe when I feel stressed and that alone is beyond helpful... This has been a priceless opportunity and am thankful for the positive changes it has been bringing to me and my household."


Dance classes or other creative movement

Joining a sports teams or club

An online membership to fitness classes

A membership to a fitness/yoga studio

A piece of exercise equipment (like a bike or a tennis racket)

An outdoor activity

(like sailing, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, etc)

From a fellow participant:

"I decided to use the EWBSI stipend towards a gym membership. Attending the gym regularly puts you in contact with people, relieves some stress, and enhances your social life. As a result, I get the chance to meet new people and surround myself with people who can inspire and motivate me. Being fit and strong in my fifties is one of the greatest benefits of attending the gym. "Room to Breathe" has allowed me to continue this journey."


A better sleep training program or course

Sleep trackers

Materials to create a better sleeping environment at home

(i.e., white noise machine, humidifier, blackout curtains)

From a fellow participant:

"I [joined] the Sleep Reset program to help me better regulate my sleep. The coaching, structure, mini lessons, and tracking of daily sleep patterns truly helped me get much more consistent sleep...

Overall, the program has allowed me to reflect more, be present more (at home and at work), and recognize the need that support can be used at all different times in someone's life.

In prioritizing my sleep health, I have been able to see more clearly the other well being practices I would like to prioritize, such as my physical and spiritual health."


In-person yoga classes

A yoga retreat

Online yoga classes

From a fellow participant:

"I put my stipend towards joining a climbing gym...Through the gym, I'm able to take yoga classes and use the sauna as well, both of which have helped me reduce stress. When I utilize the gym, my well-being improves. I think the greatest benefits I've gained have been adopting a loose mindfulness practice through regular yoga classes and socializing with new climbing partners."


A cooking class

A meal prep services

A nutritionist

Cooking equipment

From a fellow participant:

"I hired a nutritionist to help me learn how to track my macro nutrients. Before beginning her program I was under eating and unfortunately my body and mental health were suffering. We set some goals so that my diet comprised of specific percentages of carbs, fats, and protein. After a few weeks of weighing out and logging my foods in My Fitness Pal, I was able to lose some body fat...I also began weight training and have felt a significant increase in my strength. I have learned how to incorporate more healthy foods as all as protein into my meals."

Alternative Healing

From a fellow participant:

"I purchased a Women's Healing Package through Aesclepion Healing Center, which includes 4 energy healings and a monthly meditation and a counseling. I was feeling very stressed with a lot of body pain at the beginning of the semester and I am feeling much better. I would like to continue with this for next semester."


Float therapy

Energy healing

like creative endeavors or hobbies



Social + Emotional Health

like 1:1 coaching, group or peer-to-peer coaching, online communities for well-being courses

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