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like creative endeavors or hobbies

Please do not plan on using this stipend for paying down debt, any form of online gaming, or a one-time vacation. While those items may contribute to your well-being, they are not what R2B intends your stipend to be used for.


Below are some recommended programs/practices to consider.

We hope you get inspired!

* Denotes a Bay Area-based organization

An artistic pursuit

Painting or pottery classes

Knitting or crocheting classes

Jewelry making classes

From a fellow participant:

"I chose to take a 4 week pottery class in the Richmond on Tuesdays. I think that it was really important for me to take time to do things I enjoy and practice being creative after coming home from work. Having that weekly schedule was really healthy for me, and I would like to do another class with the stipend for next semester."

A musical pursuit

Guitar/piano/ukulele/singing lessons

Membership to a choir/singing group

Equipment for your band

Classes in music production/mixing

From a fellow participant:

"I [immersed] myself in music that helped me relax. I found time to go to shows and made time every day to take a moment of self care for myself. By setting aside personal time for myself everyday to truly listen to and enjoy my music, I was able to recover from stressful encounters more effectively. It also provided a time for reflection that helped me improve my teaching strategies. Little things go a long way, and without this program encouraging me to take the time out for myself, I don't know if my mental health would be as positive as it is right now."

Dance/creative movement

Dance classes (Hip Hop, Ballet, Salsa, Contemporary, Hula, Belly Dance, Vogue, Bachata, etc.)

Circus classes (aerials, contortion, conditioning, trampoline, acrobatics, etc.)

Social dance clubs

From a fellow participant:

"I decided to join a zumba class. I decided I needed time to myself one hour at least once a week...There is always something to do in the classroom, if you let it this job can consume you; Joining the zumba class helped me because it forces me to leave school at a reasonable time. The class helps me stay active and helps me decompress before I get home. While I am exercising moving to the music it lifts my spirit."

Connection to nature

From a fellow participant:

"I was able to easily access rivers, lakes, bays with my new easily portable kayak. In the past, it was much more difficult...Now I can pop my light kayak in the trunk and go to any body of water all by myself. It has been very nice in fall when there are less people and more wildlife. Being in nature and exercising helps both my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. For me personally, that is the best way to stay balanced and keep from burning out!"

Gardening classes

Membership to a community garden

Sailing, surfing, or boating lessons

like meditation, exercise, diet, sleep

Mind+Body Connection

Social + Emotional Health

like 1:1 coaching, group or peer-to-peer coaching, online communities for well-being courses

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