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Menu of Recommended Well-Being Practices for EWSBI


​​Research shows various activities such as exercise, spending time with friends, and engaging in activities that illicit positive emotions like joy contribute positively to our well-being. We too have been conducting research- on the EWBSI and its impact on San Francisco educators' well-being for two years now. We have been reminded that everyone's well-being journey looks different, and we have learned that participants really value a space that prioritizes their well-being. We encourage you to use the EWBSI as an opportunity to experiment with your well-being, to try something new, and to think beyond what you may traditionally think about when it comes to your well-being.



Now, take a look through the menu:


like meditation, exercise, diet, sleep

Mind+Body Connection

Social + Emotional Health

like 1:1 coaching, group or peer-to-peer coaching, online communities for well-being courses



like creative endeavors or hobbies

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