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All members in school communities will grow their social and emotional well-being (SEWB), in order to improve the mental health of our youth.



To give organizations and innovation projects “room to breathe” so that they can equip all members within a school community with the knowledge and practices to grow their social and emotional well-being (SEWB).

  • What do we mean by “room to breathe”?
    Unrestricted Funding Strategic support Connection to best practices and networks
  • What do we mean by "knowledge"?"
    Research around mental health needs and treatment/prevention or promotion strategies Skills in how to identify mental health needs in yourself or someone else Skills in sharing knowledge about mental health so as to reduce the stigma around it
  • What do we mean by "practices"?"
    Habits (i.e., a daily gratitude practice) Skills (i.e., how to manage one’s emotions) Mindsets (i.e., reorienting toward the positive)
  • What do we mean by grow their SEWB?
    Again...because SEWB lives on a spectrum...mitigating the bad AND growing the good [[ insert SEWB image ]]
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