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We have learned, and thus we believe...

It's important to detect mental health issues early

Undetected mental health issues can become more acute later in life. We must detect issues, prevent illness, and promote wellness from an early age.

All are able

to grow their SEWB

Regardless of one's mental health starting point, both children and adults are able to grow in their SEWB.

Mind-body connection matters

Mental health, physical health, and academic health are inextricably linked.

Cause → Effect

Learning and behavior issues (often detected at school) can be symptoms of an underlying social/emotional/mental health issue.

Positive experiences lead to mindset shifts

A positive experience can be the impetus to a mindset shift that can motivate an educator to develop habits, which in turn can lead to a practice.

Humans need authentic connections for well-being

There are many habits that contribute to one’s well-being, but human connection stands out as a strong need and an impactful entry point into habits development.

Social/emotional development is a practice, not just a program

Guiding individuals toward a personal and sustained practice first, sets the stage for a successful and long-term adoption of a program.

This is not a quick fix, it's a long-term solution

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