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Founder and Executive Director of
The Room To Breathe Project

She was struck with a vision for a more “socially and emotionally well” world while serving as an innovation Fellow with The Tipping Point in 2015, where she focused on designing a mindfulness program for caregivers and their preschool-aged children in underserved communities in the East Bay. She has deep expertise in finance, operations, and non-profit management, having served on the executive teams at Kiva Microfunds and The San Francisco’s Housing Accelerator Fund. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two kids. 


Director of Partnerships &
Co-Manager of R2BeWell for
The Room To Breathe Project

She too believes in a more “socially and emotionally well” world. She met Jen while also a Fellow for The Tipping Point and the two worked closely together to design a mindfulness program in collaboration with the community. She has a strong background in education, having taught high school and middle school for 5 years, as well as a background in positive psychology. She lives in San Francisco as well, and runs her own positive psychology based business called OPM Collective.

Jen Hamilton Headshot.png

Administrative Coordinator &
Co-Manager of R2BeWell for
The Room To Breathe Project

She grew up intertwined with the world of positive psychology, and is empowered to support work driven by the science of well-being. She provides creative and administrative support to those who are working to grow well-being on an individual, organizational, and global scale—from students to caregivers to executives. She lives in Los Angeles, where she also works as an actor, singer, speaker coach, and creative developer.

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