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 How We Work

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R2B developed the Educator Well-Being Stipend Initiative (EWBSI) to bring greater well-being to the adults across school campuses. We partnered with 8 San Francisco schools to provide a stipend for each staff member on campus to use toward a well-being practice of their choice. Participants were encouraged to engage through monthly email check-ins.

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R2B partnered with Seneca to fund the Unconditional Education (UE) Coach role at three San Francisco schools. UE coaches work directly within the school for 3-5 years with the goal of building a climate of unconditional care, including social, emotional, and behavioral supports for every child at the school.

R2B partnered with Peer Health Exchange (PHE) to help produce an online mental health course for 9th grade students during the pandemic, as well as build a digital community (selfsea) that offers a safe space for young people to discuss and share knowledge on identity, mental health, and sexual health.


R2B partnered with Millennium School to support Forum. Forum is a practice of educator well-being where participants work on their social, emotional, and mental health together with a small group of other educators in monthly online circles facilitated by a trained guide. R2B supported 150 educators from SFUSD to participate in this experience during a pandemic year.

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R2B partnered with The Primary School to pilot their Bridge to Preschool (BtP) program in the Bayview community of San Francisco. The BtP program spanned 12 weeks and consisted of 6 weeks of virtual parent support groups and 6 weeks of in-person playgroups for 20 Bayview families. The Primary School is now building on this effort and working to expand the BtP program.


R2B partnered with Greater Good in Education at UC Berkeley in the design and piloting of an online asynchronous well-being course for educators called “Teaching and Learning for the Greater Good.”  The course included social and emotional learning content, community board discussions, as well as an opt-in facilitated circle experience for participants to connect with one another.

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