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R2B is honored to announce our partnership with Seneca. We currently support the Unconditional Education (UE) Coach Role at two San Francisco sites. UE coaches work directly within the school for 3-5 years, with the goal of building a climate of unconditional care for every child at the school. We love how the UE coach becomes part of the school family working closely with staff and parents/caregivers to promote positive social and emotional interactions. The UE coach also plays a critical role working directly with students to provide Tier II and Tier III social, emotional, and behavioral supports.

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R2B is honored to announce our partnership with Peer Health Exchange. With our support, PHE is transitioning to a new online mental health curriculum for the fall of 2020 so that their college volunteers can teach and help support high school students on their journey of mental health. This new format and new curriculum will not only better equip high school students during these pandemic times, but also better equip them for life. What we love most about PHE, in addition to their amazing team, is how they connect college students with high school students. This near-peer model has proven to be transformative in young peoples’ lives. We are proud to support PHE's efforts to promote equitable access to health content and resources. 



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R2B is honored to announce our partnership with Forum at Millennium. With our support, 150 educators from SFUSD will be able to participate in online Forums for this 2020-2021 school year. Forum is a practice of educator well-being. Participants work on their social, emotional, and mental health together with a small group of other educators in monthly online Circles facilitated by a trained guide. This is the most innovative program in educator well-being we’ve seen yet and we love how it reaches educators around the country. 

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R2B is honored to announce our partnership with The Primary School’s Bridge to Preschool program. Our support has helped them pilot a 12 week program- consisting of 6 weeks of virtual parent support groups and 6 weeks of in-person playgroups - serving 20 families of the Bayview community in San Francisco. We strongly believe that the first five years of a child’s life are incredibly important to their social and emotional development and we love how TPS works with families, honoring their strengths and supporting the parents to support the growth of their children.

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R2B is honored to announce our partnership with Greater Good’s Education Initiative. Our support has helped them with the build out of their first online well-being course for educators. We love how wide their reach is and how useful, succinct, and research-focused their materials are. We believe educators around the world (not just in the Bay Area) will greatly benefit from the learning experience they are designing, and thus, so will the students they serve.

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